Circulars 601 and 602: Assessing the Cypress Sandstone for Carbon Dioxide-Enhanced Oil Recovery and Carbon Storage
The Illinois State Geological Survey has published an assessment of the Cypress Sandstone for carbon dioxide-enhanced oil recovery and carbon storage.  [...]
DOE funds ISGS work on carbon storage
The Department of Energy has announced that the Illinois State Geological Survey will rece [...]
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Staff from the Illinois State Geological Survey have been assisting state agencies with access to critical data during the COVID-19 response. 手机火狐翻墙
Textures and structures observed via light or scanning electron microscopy of a thin section from the fossiliferous dolomitic shale rock
ISGS scientist collects sample that appears to be oldest fossilized fungus
Before Franck Delpomdor was an associate sedimentologist at the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS), while he was working for a Belgian oil company, [...]
ISGS geologists participate in remapping the receding margins of the Laurentide Ice Sheet
ISGS geologists participated in updating 36 maps depicting the receding margin of the Laurentide Ice Sheet of North America starting from the last global glacial maximum about 18,000 radiocarbon ye [...]


High Lake Michigan water levels pose concerns
"We just have to understand that there is a lot of energy in the waves, and with a high lake level walking the same place that you’re used to could pose more danger, even with a smaller wave,” said Steven Brown.

Source: The Daily Northwestern
Greenberg, Whittaker present on CO2 storage
Director of Energy and Minerals Steve Whittaker and Associate Director of Energy and Minerals Sallie Greenberg presented on U.S. efforts to develop commercial-scale geological storage of carbon dioxide at CO2CRC.  

Source: Mirage News
Glasford meteor may have played a role in ancient ice age
Charles Monson said research suggests a meteor about the size of Wrigley Field struck near Glasford, creating a 2.5 mile wide crater that's now buried under sediment. 

Source: WCBU
A tale of two drones
ISGS staff use an unmanned aerial vehicle (or drone) to help monitor shoreline erosion on Lake Michigan.

Source: Technology Services
Mapping erosion with drones
Ethan Theuerkauf is a coastal geologist at the University of Illinois. He’s using drone photography to map erosion at Illinois Beach State Park in Zion. 

Source: WTTW

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